Friday, July 30, 2010

Style It Solved

Fun news! I very recently created a Formspring account where readers, tweeters, and friends alike can pose (anonymously if you want you sneaks) questions about style, ideas, advice, tips & tricks.  Your question may get featured here on the blog.

Asked via twitter this week: 

What are some body conscious unique black tie dresses are out there? Also affordable.

Vintage Renewal
Vintage and thrift shopping is like searching for treasure- but s well worth if if you have the patience and an sharp eye.  Hop on EBay, go to estate sales, visit local vintage and thrift stores and see what you can find.  If something looks great and the price is right, but just needs a little bit of lovin', chances are, $30 at a tailor may produce your favorite garment your closet has seen for a while.  When it's all said and done, this could easily be the cheapest, or most expensive option... but definitely the most open ended for you creative types. I once blogged about this here.

Red Carpet Rentals
During the holidays this past year, I wrote about companies that function like leasing agencies of all things fabulous.  If you want to wear a fierce runway look, but can't stomach the runway price, this may be a great option to feel like a million bucks, while only paying a fraction of the cost.  Many of these companies carry current season couture and will take care of the dry cleaning so you won't have to.  This is also a great option if you're going to be in a lot of photos, and don't want to wear the dress ever again. 

Fletcher Maxi
Invest in Versatility
Of course, there are also some of you out there who just want to buy something without the tailors, rentals, shoots, ladders, and more. You also want something that is a value, without being necessarily cheap and disposable. *enter shameless promotion* If you're looking for something special, versatile, and reasonably priced find a dress that  you can dress up or down, and feel as if it isn't too "right now".  Check out The Co-Op's Fletcher Maxi Dress (fall & holiday fabrics available soon).  They are full length, fully customizable on the inside and outside, so you develop something that you will actually love to wear.  Style it for a formal event or brunch on your favorite Sunday patio- it's just that easy. 
Statement Jewelry
It is perfectly possible to take the most basic dress you can find with a great fit and dress it up with the most in your face jewelry you can find.  We'll call this statement accessories.  By using jewelry (costume or otherwise) as the focal point of your look, you just may be able to save a little bit of money in place of getting a really elaborate dress. Chances are, people just may remember you for the jewelry and the overall look more this way, regardless of how basic the dress.

Do you have a style questions? Send them my way and find the answer here on the blog.

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