Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Closet Upgraded

I often get a similar question spun  a number of ways: If I only purchase one thing this weekend, what should it be?

The answer will obviously sound a little different for everyone, but I stand by this idea that many people don't often consider: Instead of a new purchase, make a renewing purchase.  I believe that the best, easiest, and (usually) most cost effective way to dramatically improve clothing is by having them altered to fit properly.

Men or women, you could take that old pair of chinos in the back of your closet that still fit, but update them for summer by slimming the fit just a bit and even raising the hemline.  When all is said and done, you will have a new pair of pants that you'll love to wear for less than you'd spend on a new pair.

My favorite way of going about updating my wardrobe with alterations is by shopping vintage or thrift stores or eBay, finding something truly amazing (which inevitably will never fit properly), and having it adjusted a bit by my tailor.  It's not unheard of to pick up a nice vintage label (I'm talking Dior and friends), have it slimmed and shortened, and propped in my closet like prize it is for under $50.  Beat that at your favorite department store.

Are you a little more skilled and want to give alterations a try for yourself?  Take a look at some tips and other interesting pods for custom fit clothing from TreadBanger.


  1. Great ideas!

    Love the dress, the after-dress ;)


  2. She did a great job with it- nice vision for an old frock right?