Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Design Thinking

There are some things that have an unnatural soft spot in my heart: NPR, great danes, overpriced art supplies, and well constructed vintage clothes. Then, out of nowhere, something else slips into the mix. Enter TED.

One of my recent favorite videos on TED is Tim Brown's talk on Design Thinking. He speaks about things that most of us can relate to: creativity, human nature, innovation, and more. The great thing about the talk is that he hits on a lot of areas that I've either worked on (clean water in India) or would like to in the future (creating a social change through fashion). The idea of moving from creating kitchen objects to creating a better world through design is incredible, and maybe the most basic thought that too few people toss around.

Other interesting talks on design & other tidbits of fascination:


  1. YES!
    def. been on this site thanks you to. profile done. and constant checks are in my future.

  2. i love TED. thank you strat 445

  3. @Lo TED talks are def one of the things that I immediately pass on to others if the topic reminds me of a specific person. This talk is something that I would love, and would hope a TED-talk-passer-on-er would send to me... if that makes sense haha.

  4. @K I think I made the grave mistake of zoning out in the class outside of project time because seriously, I wish this would have been a bigger part of my life earlier on.

    M Gordon knows what's up!