Monday, November 9, 2009

The Anthropologist

Man. How I've totally neglected you my lovely blog. Now I'm back in action and have lots of lovely things to share with you lovely people. Perfect, right? Usually I try to limit my wild card randomness to one post per week, but since I'm a little behind right now, I'll jump ahead this week because something that just cannot wait came across my computer today.

Some of you may have heard, but Anthropologie launched an online project called the Anthropologist that serves for inspiration. No e-commerce. No links to encourage you to buy stuff you don't really need. No weird draws to blogs and other randomness. Just really good content waiting for you to discover!

Currently featured are director Jane Campion, filmmaker / photographer Andrew Zukerman, and photographer David Eustace.

If I could be in love with a website, this very well could be it.


  1. Anonymous11/10/2009

    umm thank you...been thinking about inspiration myself lately

  2. It's been slim pickings lately for a different take on creative inspiration. This is different than a lot that I've seen before.

    I also love that there's SO much content that there are little surprises to be found throughout the site. Hope you enjoy!