Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Style Works: DIY Fall Scarf Alternative

Not too long ago, I talked about cowl neck scarves and collars that I'm excited to wear for fall. As promised, here is an incredibly simple tutorial on how to make your own in 20 minutes or less! It's a great look that will work well for both ladies and can be a great fall accessories for the guys also.

1. Lay out fabric on a flat surface and unfold it (60" inch fabric will work best). Use a scarf you already own that is pretty wide for sizing purposes and cut fabric along the edge of your guide scarf. The end dimensions should be around 60" x 30"

2. Fold freshly cut fabric in half hot dog style (vs. hamburger, obviously) and stitch a seam along raw edge, creating a long, thin tube. Keep the ends open.

3. Fold the tube shape in half-- hamburger style this time. If you want to get a bit fancy with it, twist the tube once before moving on to step 4. Image 3 is what that should look like.

4. Join ends of the long tube together, folding under the raw edges to create a more finished look. Stitch along the adjoined edges, creating a large circle.

And there you have it! A simple project that you can dress up or down for the months to come. Maybe my next version will be made with lined cashmere. Or some punchy prints in silk! Looks like I've found my new fall obsession...

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