Monday, September 21, 2009

Things That Fall Gracefully

The warm weather and sandals are making way for the grey skies and biting wind in Chicago soon. I'll say it quietly so not to offend to many, but I can't wait. Riding boots, apply orchards, baking with cinnamon, and scarves. It all reminds me of fall is all about.

This year, instead of traditional scarves, I plan on wearing mostly cowled scarves and knitted collars to get me through the colder months. Here are some that have caught my eye:

1. Timo 2. Necklush 3. ShopBop 4. Sanchia Playfair 5. & 6. Yokoo 7. Missoni
Soon to come: a tutorial on how you can fashion your own cowl scarf to make it perfectly your own. Stay tuned!

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