Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Secret Goals 2010: Revealed

2010 has been a really big year, and it all started with this itch I had for something different and bigger.  As a goal setter instead of a resolution maker, each year around the time of my birthday at the end of January, I take a look at what I've done and where I want to be one year later. The date feels a lot less arbitrary when it's your own age mark.

Just short of one year ago, I wrote a vision for what would become The Style Cooperative. After that, I wrote a list of goals that would be my indications of success and failure, and put it away, keeping this list very personal. Keep in mind, I was still working in corporate America at the time in an unrelated job.

One year ago, success to me for the year included:

-Producing products and garments, and sell them to people
-Acquire sizable traffic to the site that is beyond 2 degrees of my personal network... and not really have a clear understanding of how they found me. (This to me sounded like what it would be like to make it... unconnected strangers finding my work.)
-Another blogger likes my work enough to write about it
-Have a portfolio of custom design work that I've done for clients
-Quitting my job to do freelance design or running the company starts to look like a real possibility

Low and behold, it all happened. And not just happened... it continues to amaze me how far some of this has really gone in 1 year. I've quit my corporate job, started a company, moved, designed, been featured in magazines (whoa, plural), and sending product to places all over the world. I didn't expect that my most lofty goals would be quickly surpassed milestones, but it sure makes me glad to know that anything is possible.



So with that, I want to say thanks to all of you readers who have kept reading. And the tweeps that keep tweeting. And the buyers who are buying. And to all of you who are believing, or will become believers, or who will sit back and wait to see what becomes of this year.

This year, the goals and the getting are even bigger.


  1. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! So glad to have been a part of this journey :)

  2. Thanks for the continued awesomeness!