Monday, October 25, 2010

Style Q&A: Suspenders

Hey Rachel, I just bought a pair of suspenders, and want to incorporate it into a look that's casual enough to wear out to dinner, or dressy enough for going out. Any suggestions for shirts/shoes that would work? -Lost in L.A.

Hey there West Coast! Can I call you that? Great.

Now that we're friends, let's get to work and break down your question. What I'm getting is that you're a guy who wants to style your suspenders in a versatile way, so you don't look like a slob or a tool. Fair enough; let's begin.


I'm into the mixing/matching casual and tailored approach to creating a look so it's inherently versatile. That is to say, casual shirt or v-neck/nicer slacks/biker jacket or very tailored shirt/skinny or bow tie/rolled up denim/hard bottom shoes.  Experiment with other accessories too, like hats, bracelets, and patterned socks.


 In either case, you're keeping some aspects very sharp, while leaving the rest unfussy so that you don't look so... calculated. The fact that it is, well, we can keep that between us.

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