Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Field Trip: Optimo Chicago

Remember when I shared the video of Optimo Chicago? You know, the hand crafted artisan hats from their workshop on the south side?  Well, I finally visited.

Long-haired beaver felt. No, seriously.

And the hats were unbelievable.

They start with felt base shapes of hats, the work them into the precisely shaped and deliberately crafted goods that are made to order.

When I spoke to one of the people in the shop, she mentioned that it takes about 1 month to received a hat upon ordering. After watching them in action, it's definitely worth the wait to have something made special and just for you.

Classic production, done the old-fashion way. There are signs of quality in goods like this that you just can't find when you buy off the rack. While the price is steep, you definitely can't buy the experience.

I've got my eyes on a new hat, and hopefully it'll be an Optimo.

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