Friday, October 15, 2010

Hair: A love story

Remember this? Click it, make it bigger, and bask in how flipping LONG my hair was then. Curly, at that.

The tutorial was a good one too, so go check that out again too. Side note: I made some ombre socks for fall to be worn with heels. Oh yes. I. Did. But I digress...

Or even remember the straight hair that sometimes showed up?

So if you are one of my favs because you follow my nonsense on twitter, you'll know my quite volatile ride to cutting off all of that curly glory you see above. At one point I was threatening to shave my head. Not quite Amber Rose,  but close enough.  People yelled at me. No, really.

This jacket is way cooler than it looks here

Then I finally did it! I cut my hair off 2 weeks ago, and haven't shot a look for The Co-Op since, so you all get the good pleasure of these cheesy phone pictures for now. 

Sans makeup...

I'll talk more in depth about the change in an upcoming post, but here are some pictures to pacify you (and to stop the harassing tweets about not sharing what it looks like. jerks.) I kid. Kind of.

Curly mohawk- image shamelessly stolen from a friend

There's been a bunch of looks- from Great Gatsby-esque to the curly mohawk. And a few other looks in between.

Side view.

My stylist told me this would be a great way to reinvent myself and have a new costume every day. She knows me all too well.