Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guest Blogger: Meredith of Fifty First (J) Dates

I met Meredith once upon a time while we were both fashion interns in New York. You know, the really (un)glamorous stuff that makes the beautiful things happen... that was our job. We've stayed in touch and as it turns out, she's the voice of the hilariously honest blog Fifty First (J) Dates.  That's right, she is a proud J-Dater and gives you the play by play along the way. (I made a little appearance on her blog today as well! So hop over to check it out. Pleaseandthankyou.)

As an expert dater and quite the stylish girl as well, Meredith is our go-to for date style and advice.  Here's what she had to say:

How do you decide what to wear for a first date?
You have to consider the slut factor. And you have to choose the top of bottom half. If you're going to show your boobs, wear pants. And if you're going to wear a skirt, wear something that doesn't show cleavage. I always wear heels - but they do dress up/intensify an outfit, so be careful if you're a heels lover too. And consider how tall your date is. But don't ask him, that might be weird. My go-to is usually - wedges, jeans, and a cute silk top by a brand like Joie or Tucker.

What is your ideal autumn date?
Autumn is when leaves turn orange and you get to dress like a floozy for Halloween! And you eat enough candy pumpkins to make you want to hurl. Strolling hand in hand, in an apple orchard, picking apples and tossing them at each others' skulls...or just some pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin pie at a normal restaurant.

If you could dress a guy for a date, what would he wear?
Oooh! Loafers. I love loafers, I think they are universally flattering. As are mocs/driving shoes. I also kinda dig guys who can pull off converse. But if you can't, don't. Maybe jeans and a button-down. More than anything, tailoring and execution is key. Make sure your shirt isn't too baggy. Look like you care (a little.) A cute or interesting tee and a blazer always looks good too. Just no sneakers. Or adidas bath shoes. Yes, the latter happened. Fortunately, I saw past these little pieces of rubber and offensiveness, and he's now my boyfriend. I just threw out his shoes.

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  1. oh merr, the awk of asking him how tall he was made me die. bc it's very VERY clear to me that you've considered this even if momentarily. hilare. xo