Thursday, July 2, 2009

Style Works: Ombre Tutorial

As promised in the last post, below is the tutorial on how to create an ombre dye (dip dye) effect at home. While I'm sure this is not the most skilled way to do it, this is the way that has worked pretty well for me in the past.

Please leave any tips, tricks, or stories from the ombre trenches to share with others!

[You will need]
-1 item to dye
-1-2 boxes of RIT dye (more dye if you want a really dark color or you have a lot of material to cover)

-1 large kitchen pot
-1 large bowl or dye bath container (NOT your bathtub)

-lots of hot water
-trash bags

[Prep work]
1. Fill bowl/tub with hot water and wet entire garment until saturated
2. Make pre-dye solution according to manufacturers instructions
3. Boil 2+ gallons of water in pot. When it comes to a boil, add dye
solution from step 2. Turn to a low simmer before starting the dye process.
4. Set up a drying station nearby where you can hang the garment and place a tarp or trash bags underneath. This dye will stain your floors, shower, doors, fingers, you name it. I suggest putting garment on a hanger and use a long over-the-door hook with a floor covering right under the door.

Ok, hold on. This is where it goes quickly and gets a little messy.

[Dye job]
1. Once completely wet, remove garment from water tub, loosen all creases or fold to avoid uneven dying, and slowly lower it into the pot of hot dye bath to the highest point you would like to be colored. Hold for about 30 seconds at that point.

2. Remove garment from the dye bath and run it through the rinse tub to smooth out the color transition a bit.

3. Smooth out all creases and folds, lower garment into dye bath again to a lower point and SLOWLY pull it out of the dye bath. The slower you pull it out, the better the color gradient will be. This can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes, depending on how dark you want it to be. (After a few times, you get the feel of the color, and will be able to make some color corrections in the job at this point.)

4. Once you are satisfied with the dye gradient and the garment is completely removed from the dye bath, smooth out all folds & creases, and hang it in your designated drying spot where it can drip dry.

From The Style Social
And there you have it. Be sure to send me pics of your creations. I'd love to see the results!


  1. Anonymous7/02/2009

    rachel you're amazing.

  2. Thanks Sasha!

    Let me know if you give this a try. be my New York style muse?

  3. Anonymous7/02/2009

    i LOVE what you jsut made. I want it in 200 colors. You're incredible.

  4. Thanks Jess! Let's chat, I'd love to do a custom piece for you.

  5. im def tryin that.

  6. wow amazing experiment. i really appreciate your skirt.. i am also going to try this out.