Wednesday, August 11, 2010

City Slicking

It's suddenly mid-August. Raise your hand if your looked up and couldn't figure out where summer went. 

I've been having a great few days running around Chicago working on The Co-Op events and even meeting a few readers that recognize me out. How exciting (and humbling) is that??

Sometimes when I'm out running errands and generally going crazy with my to-do lists (yes, plural) I love that I can look more together than I feel by throwing on a simple dress in a great color, like The Co-Op's Norway dress here.

I added The Co-Op's floral pocket square at the shoulder for just a little flare... and because I found one hiding at the bottom of my bag.  Stacked a few bangles on my arm, added my favorite watch, and I was ready.  

Ready, set, go.

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