Friday, August 13, 2010

The Mens Content Guide

Guys, I know you care about style and I know it's kind of hard to sift through all the garbage out there to find consistently good and current info and ideas when it comes to contemporary menswear.  So just for you, I've made a list of my favorite mens urban(ish) lifestyle blogs*.  Big or small, they're collected here just waiting for you to add to your Google Reader to kill hours of future time.

Thank me later.

Great for: Beautiful photography, lifestyle musings, and a generally down to earth tone.

Marcus Troy
Great for: Getting you in the know about cool stuff before the rest of your friends.

Street Etiquette
Great for: Personal style inspiration and history/interesting clothing knowledge. One of those blogs your friends already follow because they read about 'em somewhere. And by somewhere, I mean GQ.

Great for: It's quintessential in keeping me hip to all things that matter when hanging with the guys. A dirty little secret of mine.

Great for: Being some of the freshest content to come out of the Midwest.  Great photography and he provides a little style perspective for the ladies from a male perspective. Fancy that...

The BKc
Great for: Style inspiration and eye candy. It's a label, but I like to think of them in the same group of general content builders.

Great for: Honest, raw, refreshing content. It's totally sans pretense.

*All images from the respective blogs mentioned above

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