Thursday, July 15, 2010

That's What He Said

Men, I know like most other things, you like to keep things easy. *Insert inappropriate joke here*

It's always the same story:
"I want to dress well, but I hate to shop. I go shopping, I don't know what I'm looking for, I don't find anything, get frustrated, and leave with random stuff I never wear or nothing. I hate shopping."

Sound familiar?  Shop more effectively to get in, out, and call the trip a success.  Here are a few top tips for men:


Know your role.
Do you have a look, vibe, or lifestyle you're trying to dress for? Stick to places that you know will work with what you're going for.  If you're a prepster, don't bother going to Urban.  Similarly, if you're into the vintage urban vibe, know who will stock the goods you're searching for like small lifestyle boutiques or online specialty brands.

Be Different Enough
You may not want to be the guy who is known for all the wacky clothing choices, but you do want to have a little extra something about you right?  Try something that is slightly off beat, and let that be your signature look.  Mine right now is my little yellow suitcase that doubles as a handbag. I get complimented on this silly little bag all the time by men and women alike- it's just that easy.

Relinquish Label Snobbery
Labels don't equate to style, your own sartorial judgement does. Personal style and dressing yourself is about dressing the body with visual interest, and there is nothing terribly interesting about that giant horse on your shirt, guy. Pick something in the store that looks interesting, and give it a go. If you can think of 3 different ways to wear/use it, make the purchase.

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