Friday, July 16, 2010

Do What You Love. Today.

When I first decided to work on The Style Cooperative full time and really try to build something that I believe in, I got a handful of mixed reactions.  Some people sent me little notes saying because of that move, I am their hero (I'm still insanely humbled) and others just thought it was reckless of me.

It has been 3 1/2 months since I decided to make the move, and sometimes I have my moments where I really just can't wrap my head around what I've done or why I'm putting myself through all of the stress of trying to build something like this.  But then I see videos like this by Gary Vaynerchuk that remind me that I was once in a place where I knew what I was passionate about, and also knew that I'd never be satisfied until it was a reality.

And while there are some days where it won't seem like it, I love what I do. I feel extremely privileged to be able to say something like that, and I hope you can too.

Do what you love. Today.


  1. Ashley7/19/2010

    I *heart* this post! You gotta grind before you shine. Keep on rocking in Rachel world and you'll be fab x 10 verrrrry soon. =)

  2. Thanks Ashley :) Glad you liked the post!