Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend, Revisited

My weekend was a pretty busy one this time around. 

I've been working seemingly non-stop on pattern drafting and preparing samples.

Since I no longer work out of a separate studio space for the time being, work has started to find itself in places throughout my apartment. That would be patterns hanging from my patio curtain rod- how chic.

And remember when I told you I'd share the less than glamorous parts of this whole situation?  This is what became of my living room this weekend. As the number of patterns hanging kept growing, and the light became more sparse. 

In a more beautiful turn of events, I went to a promo runway show- saw some Summer looks to get the creative juices flowing for my own summertime styling.

The mens looks were also great- I wish there were more guys who would step outside of their wardrobe uniforms to put together fantastic, yet practical looks like this.

The models had great shoes, too! Great attention to accessories detailing throughout the show.

Hope you had a beautiful weekend! Welcome, new week.