Thursday, April 29, 2010

Texture Matters

I've been surrounded and scouring fabric sources for a while now.  One thing that I really get excited about in textiles and garments more recently are unique or notable textures.

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There's something about a dress that slips on and just feels great against your skin.

Or when a man is wearing a casual tie that is made of just about anything but the typical silk.  Try it out- these are things that other men will take note of, and women will love.

Look is one thing, but how something feels while you wear it is quite another. I challenge you next time you go shopping to only consider things that are special to the touch- they will quickly become favorites, I'm quite sure.

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  1. and if you're lucky enough to have other people 'feel' the fabric you're wearing (and not just see it), extra bonus points lol