Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Business (Ad)ventures

One of the biggest struggles I've had to deal with since I started working to produce this line was figuring out the beast that is fabric sourcing.  Believe me when I say it's rough.

I'll slowly start discussing the details and such of the business and line (such a tease, I know), but let me tell you that finding fabric with just the right assortment, quality, and price that I need is asking for a small miracle from the textile gods.  I'm learning a bunch, but I don't want to make any missteps and wind up with hundreds of yards of extra fabric just lying around. Those would be some expensive remnants.

In trying to use my local resources as much as possible, I went on a little sourcing adventure with a visiting (and unsuspecting) friend from out of town.  I'm a bad friend sometimes, yes. Provider of unique adventures? Absolutely.

Ready for the challenge, dressed like Rosie the Riveter, we set out. "We Can Do It!"

We spent a few hours going through all sorts of textures and colors, assorting looks to be cohesive but offer a nice variety.  I went in with the intention of coming out with lots of swatches to figure it out later.  Somehow, I left with not a single swatch, yet bolts and yardage of some beautiful woven fabrics.

You can expect so see some of this fanciness again rather soon (hint, hint).  Mission: Complete.  For now...


  1. i love you. haha this is amazing! excited :)

  2. Its great watching this project take off, somehow it makes me feel like a part of it!
    Push On!

  3. Glad you guys like the series! Stay tuned, it's starting to become a whirlwind.

  4. Daaaaaamn look at Daro modeling.

  5. Ashley4/23/2010

    Ooooo Fabric land looks fun.