Monday, April 19, 2010

Fashion v. Style

All images via Life Magazine
I don't like using the word "fashion".  You will hardly ever catch me referring to any of the work I do in terms of fashion.  Most times, I will speak about myself, my work, and what I do in terms of style, lifestyle, or garments/pieces.  Fashion, for me, is a bit of a dirty word.

Why, you ask?  Go with me here...

I believe that clothing designers are artists. The best part about it is that the art, unlike the type you place on walls, is that this art is something with which you can interact and participate every single day.

The thing about fashion is that it implies the current (trends, what is currently important, dictated by big magazines with bigger ad placements, etc). For people who carry themselves confidently, gracefully, and with an air of beautiful authenticity, trends matter less and an intimate understanding of self and style matters more.

Style is what I care and concern myself with. Most days, I dress myself in my costume for the day- the clothes that decorate who I'd like to be that day.  I play with lengths, textures, fit, era, and whatever else makes sense to me that day.  Some days, it looks positively chic, other days, it's a very "Rachel look" as my friends have become used to.

But think about it: there is now a well-understood concept of my own personal look that I love, embrace, and recreate daily.  That's my personal style.

The best part about all of it is that the looks only need to look great to me because like art, the owner is the appreciator. Not all art is created equal, but I am a believer in helping people to learn to decorate themselves and their lives to better reflect who they are, who they want to be, and look great doing so.


  1. 'style' is one of my favorite implies so much, but it's so unique. as i've woven photography into my life, along with gaining interests in things like this blog, clothes, traditional art, i've been thinking about 'style' a lot. totally agree re: fashion vs. style.

    keep up the good work :)

  2. I like that you extend your understanding of style to other mediums! It develops our more holistic understanding of self and expression of lifestyle.

    Plus, it's just fun! Loving your photog work lately!