Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Simple Miniskirt Tutorial

Here's a quick tutorial I've made for you fine readers on a simple mini-skirt with pockets. While pockets are totally optional on this tutorial, why would you ever opt out? Pockets make everything better, no?

1. I started with 1/2 yard of fabric (this will be the length of the entire skirt, so +/- depending on your height and length requirement. Be sure to account for about 4 inches of hem and waist band)

2. Measure the widest part of the hip and add 5 inches (to accommodate seam allowance and a little wiggle room for the pockets on each side). If you want a more full skirt that gathers at the waist, simply add more inches at this time. Cut at the desired width.

3. Fold the 2 sections in half. Cut along the fold lines to create 2 big and 4 small sections.

4. Use your hand as a guide to decide how large/deep the pockets should be.

5. Along the edge of the fabric, cut into a a shape that is similar to the shape above. This doesn't have to be incredibly exact to my shape, but make sure you have a straight seam allowance one side (big enough for your hand to fit in).

6. Lay straight side of pocket along the side of one of the larger squares. Right sides together, approximately 4 inches below the top edge. Do this for all 4 pockets on both larger skirt pieces.

7. Stitch to secure each of the 4 pocket pieces to the 2 larger skirt squares. After this step, you should have 2 pieces that look like the above.

8. Place the 2 skirt pieces right sides together with the pockets facing one another as well. Pin and stitch around the perimeter, starting from the top of the skirt, moving around the pockets, and down to the base of the skirt. *Be sure not to stitch along the straight edge of the pocket- this must stay open to create a pocket opening.*

After you stitch, this is what it should look like reversed.

9. Fold upper edge over, creating a tube wide enough to fit the waist band. Stitch this closed, but leave a few inches open so that you can fish some elastic in.

10. Use a safety pin to secure one end of the elastic to the skirt. Use a second safety pin to guide the elastic through the tube you created with fabric in step 9. Once it reaches the other side, stitch elastic ends together and hand stitch the tube opening shut.

Hem the bottom of the skirt to your liking. Press the seams. And your finished! Quick & easy right?

Same thing, just in green (gave the orange one to a friend)

Adding trim to the bottom or contrasting pockets could be a fun way to make this even more personal and great! Happy sewing.

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  1. This is so lovely and I'm really in love with the print. Great blog!