Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Project

How was your weekend? Mine was quite relaxing, which was even better because I spent all day yesterday making lovely things (or starting them).

I had an idea for art to hang in my living room. I'll share pictures as it unfolds, but do keep in mind, this is only the first step to a piece that is really exciting for me! I was inspired by the piece that hangs in Molly Sims' and Meghan's home, but I wanted to make a departure and do something a little more exciting. A splash of color, some more stenciling, and a small acrylic painting are in order for the coming week.

"I tried to remember as many details as I possibly could. Her long hair and her thin wrists and her green eyes. I wanted to remember everything, especially the sound of her voice."

Looks like this weekend project has turned into an all-week project. So it goes...


  1. looking REALLY good rachel!!!

  2. hey thanks vickie! cant wait to share a more finished version.

    good to hear from you :)