Friday, January 8, 2010

Meet Laura

If you spend a considerable amount of time with me (or in my facebook albums), you'll see that once I find a shape that I love, it shows up in many different ways. My staple for the past few years: a cap-sleeve sheath dress... with pockets.

I've made this dress in silky black, knitted mint green, and countles
s other fabric perutations of it. Seriously, I can't stop.

Recently I picked up a great fabric by Marimekko (which I could also go on and on about). I even made a fabric rosette headband with the remnants because I loved it so much. Possibly a full mini to come as well.... but I digress.

Instead of leaving the dress as is this time around, I decided it would look great as a shorter dress, and even a tunic! So with some carefully calculated button placement:

The Laura Dress

If you are one to see me around town, get ready to see this (and lovely versions of it) all the time.


  1. absolutely love it rachel

  2. thanks sasha

    i'll make a custom one for you- shoot me a message and so we can talk :)

    miss you!

  3. Rachel, that's awesome! I've wanted a capsleeve dress with pockets for the past year.5. hahaha :D
    i'm getting inspired by your entries! Oh, and they have great fabric here in Indonesia, if you have a brilliant dress design that you might not be able to make, all they need is a picture here and they'll make it for you!

    hope you're well! looking forward to more creations with the new fabric. :D _ _ L!

  4. Ruth!

    sooooo nice to hear from you! thanks so much for the comment and nice words :) hope Indonesia is treating you well. missing you!

    one day i hope my travels take me that way. i hear the textiles are unbelievable. with love from the states.