Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let the Rain Come Down

The weather is cooling pretty quickly here in Chicago and fall rain has made its big debut. Over the years living in walking cities and towns, I have somehow managed to have never owned a single pair of rain boots. No really... ever.

I think what really discouraged me from buying rain boots all these years was how I really don't like the rubber boots that are typically in some ridiculous color, plaid, or a juvenile animated print of sorts. Needless to say, my feet have suffered dearly. So I'm taking a stand and decided I want a rain boot that looks like a boot I would (and could!) wear all day. Enter light bulb over my head: rubber riding boots.

1. Urban Outfitters 2. Tory Burch 3. Hunter
They look good, they'll make me feel better about rainy days, and I'll feel chic and stylish in my rubber footwear.

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