Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Color Inspired

After a long few days and little time to breathe, I wanted to feel inspired for some painting projects I'd like to work on this weekend. Last winter, I began to take up watercolor painting, and I really gravitated toward figure painting in this medium.

This painting by the talented Rosemary is inspiring my work this coming weekend. Oh, and the colors: a-ma-zing. Check out her flickr stream, the sense of color and style and use of water makes my smile on the longest of days.


  1. Hey Rachel! Love your blog and all the artistic elements you bring to it. :) I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so I have to live vicariously through others! Thanks for the nice comments on my DYL entry at Makeunder My Life. Glad I could add something good to your day. Cheers!


  2. Hey Rachel - I really like you're inspiration and how bright/vibrant the colors are. Hopefully this means that you'll be blogging about the painting you're working on this weekend in an upcoming post! I'm in an oil painting class right now but haven't had too much experience with watercolor. Hope all is going well and that it turns out great!

  3. @Brooke thanks so much for the nice words. Your blog effectively took over an hour of my day as I went through some of the lovely things you've got going on. Yay for Chicago bloggers!

    @Angela I'm so glad you're taking up painting. I def want to see some of the stuff you work on and hear about all of it. I'm going to start an oil painting today (hopefully)... and if it's not too sad of an attempt, I'll def post.