Monday, October 5, 2009

I Believe in a Thing Called Sleeves

I love dresses. I love warmth. If I can have it all, we've got a mini dress with long sleeves and tights. And just as luck has it, they are just about everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean you still have to search for decent versions and for realistic prices... ahem, Temperley).

Here's my round-up:

1. Ingwa Melero 2. vintage 3. vintage 4. T-Bags 5. American Apparel 6. Temperely 7. Karina Grimaldi

In classic Rachel form, I tire of what's out there, so I am fashioning my own at home this week. I'll be sure to post the end results when I'm finished. It's going to be teal and lovely.



  1. What a great title - I feel you, sleeves are the business

  2. Hi Rachael! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. When can we see the teal dress? I made the bird effect on my skirt by cutting out silhouette shapes from leather, and the 'wire' is just ribbon.

    Happy sewing!

  3. @zoe thanks for the tip on the birds! such talent for cutting leather... so impressive.

    i'm on a wild goose chase for a zipper and a really special broach/button for the back. crossing my fingers i find something at a new store tomorrow.... then it'll be ready for its debut :)