Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Business, Fashion, Innovation, Oh! My

In the height of all the fashion presentations all over the world, today I read an interesting article on business strategy in the fashion industry.

"Everyone’s a brand strategist these days, including people in the fashion industry whose core business is to produce fashion shows, generate publicity and create ad campaigns. In which case you’d expect fashion brands to be more distinct from each other, wouldn’t you?"
So how, then, does a brand become the anti-commodity?

I believe it's about changing the way people think and feel about fashion, embracing the idea of personal style, and knowing the difference between the two. It's about allowing people to decide what looks good from their own eyes. Scott did it, Tavi does it, and so do the countless others that decorate our own lives with style.

Photos: Amy Sussman/WireImage, Wayne Tippetts & *unknown

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