Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I want to join the circus

Some eye candy from one of my favorite menswear labels and their blog. The Brooklyn Circus is sharp, innovative, has old-world charm (we all know I love that!), and is really more of a lifestyle that is outfitted really, really well.

As described in an interview with Giant Magazine:

"A BKc man wears classic clothing incorporating unique items that add elements of youth and pop. There are various ways to do so such as decorating the wrist (bracelets and handkerchiefs), a beautiful ring, good pair of rolled denim/khakis, classic shoes (desert boots, Converses, loafer), tee with strong detail, fabric wrapped around the bicep, hat (fedora, paperboy cap) and a vintage belt."

With their website-come-blog about the business, I can't find a reason not to want to join their Circus.

All images via TheBkC

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