Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mixed Media: Au Revoir Simone

I appreciate people who create. Writers, painters, musicians, designers, actors, you name it. If you've got talent and you share it with others, I appreciate you. What I appreciate even more is when creative types have a strong and unapologetic type of aesthetic. After all, I don't really care who is now dating John Mayer or who made the guest list at some celeb event. I just want to know who looked good doing it, even if it is the party planner's assistant. I digress.

So I've created a new kind of post named Mixed Media. It will cover creative types whose craft outside of fashion exudes extreme style and personal aesthetic. Today, we'll start with an all female, all keyboard band that is garnering some pretty big attention. They are Au Revoir Simone.

Originally hearing about them in a podcast, I was instantly drawn the moment I heard the band name is a reference to none other than Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. They also enjoy the unique pleasure of being dressed for shows from time to time by Samantha Pleet.

Their style is little funky, a little romantic, and reminiscent of the [city] girl next door.

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