Friday, August 14, 2009

Street Etiquette

It's been a while since I've had a true blog crush like this. I admit that I've been neglecting male readers lately, so in researching some good material, I stumbled upon a amazing blog written by two guys from the Bronx who have style for days. Years. 2 lifetimes.

They focus on developing a more refined and worldly view of fashion in an urban setting, while their style exudes all that's right about New York style.

With incredible images and a lot of time and detail that goes into the posts, I can see why
they have quite the active following.

They have an eye for detail, and this is really evident in their recent post/article on wrist accessories.

All images via Street Etiquette


  1. I am starting to appreciate the rolled-up pant leg on guys.

  2. I like that it reminds me of warmer months and relaxed times. One of those small details that just makes me happy.