Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time Pieces - Remixed

It took me a while to get used to wearing watches. The constant extra weight on my wrist, the bulk. Not to mention that I would always resort to my phone for the time, forgetting that there was some sort of utility involved.

Then finally, it all made sense. A time piece is the perfect accessory and can fit nearly any outfit. There are so many options out there, but here are a few of my favorite looks of the moment. What are some of the ways you love to rock the time lately?

[Men's Watches on Women]

There's something uniquely smart and sexy about a woman that wears a men's watch. I'm not huge on the androgynous look that is all over style pages these days, but this... this look that I fell in love with instantly.

[Stacked Watches]

This one may take a little getting used to, but it's a quick way to get a style double-take. Here, Judy Aldridge sports her staple watch along with a Natalia Brilli "Nolex".

[Pocket Watch]

A stretch, I know. Inconvenient? Maybe at first. Completely classy? Always.
On a night out when you check the time, as it sparkles under the street lights and others will only catch a glimpse of it, but get exposed to its full frontal charm.

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