Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Style, Profiled - Brandon

Today I bring to you the first installment of a new type of post I'm calling Style, Profiled. People will be presented and talk candidly about their look, lifestyle, and more.

In the past 3 weeks, I have run into Brandon in the streets. Twice. In 2 different continents. Looking fantastic as always, Brandon has graciously agreed to be the first Profile on The Style Social.


[What keeps you busy these days?]
NOTHING! For the past year I've been studying at university in France and 8 months of that year was spent as an English teacher.

[How do you describe your style?]
My style is my style. I can go to an array of clothing stores of different price scales and find a good item then drive to the Salvation Army to finish off the look. My style is like me....eclectic.

[Recent style inspiration:]
Karen O. (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), the 80s, locals in Aix-en-Provence, France, and the hipsters of Camden, London

[Your current obsession(s):]
A French perfume called "ALIEN" and American Apparel t-shirts/hoodies for dogs!

[One trend you wish would never have caught on:]

[A perfect day for me...]
would consist of a morning Starbuck's run, reading a good book, dinner with my closest friends, and realizing that by the time I go to sleep at night I've listened to a favorite song of mine 30 times already. AHHHH :-)

[Life would not be the same without:]
The internet! I need it everyday.

[Weekend plans?]
Chill with my family and catch up with ones whom I've yet to see since studying abroad since August 2008.

[Words to live by... this week:]
"This week DOESN'T have to be like last week, nor does the week after that"

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  1. yay Brandon! Love the blog, Rachel :)