Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Style, Profiled - Caroline

Hi, there! The past few days have been full of apartment searching, art admiring, and time well spent with good friends. Adding to the great week (and loving that it's only Tuesday), I bring you a Style, Profiled edition with a friend of mine who is truly impressive on so many levels. She is a young entrepreneur with a big heart and impressive fashion credentials to go along with it.

I'm excited to introduce you to Caroline.

[What keeps you busy these days?]

Right now I’m trying my best to balance my work schedule with enjoying my last half of summer vacation from the University of Michigan. I work a few side projects in Ann Arbor, in addition to running my socially conscious clothing company, THE BEARON and serving as the face of a local boutique.

[How do you describe your style?]

“Bourgeois Bohemian”- I have had the opportunity to live and work in diverse cities that have each played a role in molding my style: suburban preppy, New York City’s sleek modernism, Pittsburgh’s art scene, and Ann Arbor’s laid back, bohemian vibe.

[Recent style inspiration:]

For summer I have taken a lot of inspiration from Michael Kors’ classic and beautifully sophisticated ad campaigns. Lots of crisp white (shirts and jeans), tan or beige accessories, and a few unexpected masculine touches like an oversized men’s watch, classic aviator sunglasses, or a sleek leather weekender bag.

For fall (my absolute favorite season) I am looking forward to wearing lots of long, draping pieces, inspired by a silk Givenchy blouse I just found in my grandmother’s closet. These pieces will be paired with skinny trousers, dark denim, and ballet flats (my favorites are French Sole) for running around town!

[Your current obsessions:]

Statement necklaces that I have collected from traveling, finding the perfect beige pumps, Starbucks soy vanilla mistos, and bouquets of sunflowers and peonies.

[One trend you wish would never have caught on:]

UGG Boots.

[A perfect day for me…]

Would be waking up early to a hot cup of tea to read the morning’s fashion blogs and do some work on THE BEARON, then jumping on a plane to Manhattan with my boyfriend to visit friends, stroll through MoMa, and eat red velvet cupcakes from Billy’s. If only every day could be like this!

[Life would not be the same without…]

My family, my friends, and my MacBook.

[Weekend plans?]

Constantly changing! I’m in the process of moving, so packing is unfortunately likely. But, I’m looking forward to hosting a super preppy “end of summer” party for some childhood friends before everyone scatters back to campus… And I’ve been counting down the days to Lollapalooza for weeks!

[Words to live by… this week:]

Take a deep breath, follow your passion, and just do whatever it is that makes you happy.

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  1. Anonymous7/22/2009

    I've seen this girl up close...so fashionable.