Friday, October 14, 2011

How He Wore It: Album Art Confessions

Meet Marcus: One half of Dynastee, art director, and album art designer for some of your favorite mixtapes and LPs.  He's pretty prettttty good.

I met up with Marcus in New York last week to talk projects, try out some of our new products, and catch up in his work space one evening.

He's into the new Dobby Corduroy tie from The Co-Op in a color we're calling Almost Maroon. What's dobby corduroy you ask? Nope, we didn't make it up.

 It's a more modular (in contrast to linear) pattern made from the style of weaving in the textile creation phase.

All that really means is that you see patterns instead of lines, but still great corduroy autumn feeling to the touch. Yep, dobby.

So that's it. Dobby, music, design, and some great new talent. All in all, an evening well spent. Check him out where he tumbls, and get the goods.

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  1. I'm digging the tie, and your entire personal style...the history of dobby, the backdrop, and the shoes, of course! Keep it moving!