Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Texture for the changing Seasons

The seasons are actually changing, sweaters are out, layering technique is being seasonally perfected. Yeah, we know about that.

One of the greatest parts about seasonal layering is being able to mix in texture and bursts of interest. Like a little corduroy next to your denim, or some wool on your chambray oxford. We know, you get it.

Click through to take a look at our first batch of seasonal offerings.

Digital Camo, design by our buds at Dynastee
Dobby corduroy in Olive and Almost Maroon.
 (Dobby is a corduroy weave style that doesn't involve the typical lines you may be used to seeing.)

Wool. Beautiful, beautiful wool.
 The grey has muted reds and blues in the stripes, and feels like your favorite sweater. The tweed is familiar from something we know and love.

Click over to the shop and take a look at what's new thus far. They fabric buy was low in some of them, so get the goods while they last.

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