Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing Dress-up

I made the trek back to my small hometown in Michigan (cue music by Journey).  Of course, being the small and somewhat awkwardly located place that it is, there's not easy way to get there. 

Not easy at all. Especially when you get stranded, but I digress.

Getting back to my childhood home is one of those really simple pleasures that I just can't replicate in my city apartment. On of the best parts of being back at home is playing around in my parents closet a la 2nd grade. 

 As people get older, their closets typically become more refined.  In the case of my parents, they have some really beautiful things- but I'm interested in the older  pieces that are almost costume-like today.

When I find something that I really love-- for its beauty, comedy, details, or nostalgia-- inventing ways to use it is like a sport.  What are some of your best closet finds?


  1. if that is your mom's- tell her she's super cool.

  2. Top is my moms, hat is my dad's. That closet is a gold mine, I swear.