Thursday, May 6, 2010

Men, Upgraded: Real Men of the Year

Typically, I try to stay on top of men's style and the happenings within it.  Quite honestly, I enjoy helping a man shop more than I do shopping for myself.  I think because men's style here in the US is so much more defined than the options provided for women, guys have to get more creative.
In hearing from some of my male readers and friends alike, it seems like what guys are really missing is some consistent and practical style advice that isn't too "fashion-y".  Real-Guy style should be celebrated, and it is at places like Esquire's America's Best Dressed Real Man.
Real, everyday guys (from bankers to college professors) submit images of their look, and talk about it a little.  Esquire has selected the top 25 semi-finalists.  Check out the homepage to see what the guys are doing, and maybe get a little inspiration while there.

This guy won last year.  Who's in your top pick?


  1. hello my fellow saginawian lol if thats correct...I like ol dude from last year he kinda fits my style of clean, but rough. I could see myself dabbling in some of the pieces the gentleman in the middle has on but it may be kind of risky for me. The fedora...not so much, having dreads limits some of my options lol. I have a issue about fashion that urks me to no end...$$$$. What would you suggest for someone like me who wants to try new things, but money is an issue?


  2. Hi Brandon! This is a totally understandable and I get this question all the time from guys.

    The easy answer is stock up on accessories that elevate a basic look (think scarves, pins/patches on jackets, other neck wear, watches, etc.). The longer answer- I'll make a post just on this topic for next week's Men, Upgraded.

    Look out for it then!