Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little Shoe Indulgence

I'm always really hesitant to buy anything that is too trendy, as I like to think of my closet as a collection of pieces that I'll wear forever. Then there's shoes. Usually I'll allow myself one indulgent, on trend and probably-will-not-ever-be-worn-past-the-season pair every few months or so.

It's because of this, I get really intense and spend too much time researching to know I'm getting what I'll love the most.  Style nerd, yes. That's me.

Right now, I've been consistently impressed with the looks that Jeffrey Campbell has out for summer (and they're reasonably priced!).  I'm looking for a sky high platform wedge with lots of straps, embellishments, and whatever other kind of crap they can put on it. I'm talking over the top, but with some versatile sensibility and charm.  I plan on wearing them to toughen up pretty little summer numbers.

I've got quite the list of requirements for a single shoe I suppose. The compulsive shoe research continues!


  1. I love the last pair! Good eye, Rachel :)