Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Wear Watch

Hi friends! Thanks for putting up with my deadbeat blogger ways lately. I've been sorting out the blog, some fun projects, and not to mention, my life. On the fun project note, I'll be sharing bits and pieces slowly... so stay tuned.


However, I made this post more out of necessity than anything. As I was walking home today, it was not quite snowing, not quite raining, not quite in between. At one point it seemed like really fat raindrops, and at other moments the sleet felt like tiny rocks being thrown at my face from above. Let's just say it was all bad.

I've been talking about buying a new pair of winter boots for a while, but the procrastinator in me waited until my Uggs soaked all the way through to make a decision. So when I got home, I promptly hopped online and did my winter boot research. I've come to two options:


Both by Sorel. Both insanely weather appropriate. Both with a do-able price tag, as they will be with me every single day as I trek downtown. Now many people tell me to get over the idea of attractive and functional winter boots, now I don't have to.


  1. The first pair is fun, but they cannot be worn to work or out. (At least I wouldn't) What about really functional boots and ones you would wear out?

  2. I ended up getting the 2nd pair... in black. I agree, they are both functional and have the ability to be dressed up. well... as much as you can dress up a serious snow boot.