Thursday, December 10, 2009

DIY - Upholstered Headboard

Sorry if this post is a little random, but a number of you have asked me about my headboard over the past month or 2, so I thought I'd share. I initially took a bunch of pictures while doing the project, fully intending on posting a tutorial. 3 months later... here you go.

sorry. blur.

Particle board
Cheap memory foam (I cut up and pieced together a Twin XL mattress topper from Target)
Fabric (home dec weight preferable)
Spray Adhesive - compensates for your lack of extra hands throughout project
Staple Gun

It's a pretty straight forward project. I think it took no more thank about 30 minutes of actual work and about $30 in supplies (mostly fabric).


  1. Wow, I just signed an apt and I was going to buy one but I think I might do this instead...thanks!

  2. woo! that's exciting... def give it a try. let me know how the project turns out- id love to see pics :)

  3. did you draw on the fabric or purchase a design? and about how many yards... haha i'm about to deeb that idea. love it rach!

  4. thanks sasha!
    -i bought the fabric design as is (IKEA). they have really great fabric designs at totally reasonable prices

    -I think that was 3 yards... but it depends on the width of the fabric and how big your bed is. I'd say, if you don't want it much taller than mind, just get enough yardage to cover one length of the board + 18"

    -Side note on the memory foam.. make sure you cut it so there is a little overhang so the edges are wrapped and covered. nobody wants sharp edges!

    -share pics when you're done?

  5. I'll post pics when I finish, just a note, I'm going to add posts to mine so I don't have to put holes in my wall and attach it to my bed frame. Do you want pics of that too? Thought it might be helpful for people.

  6. Any pics would be great! I'll def share them :)

    Originally I bought wood planks as well, but for how I arranged it, it became just an extra step... so I just left it out.

    I'd love love love to see!