Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Scrooge Needs Holiday Cards

As people are starting to get their holiday playlists together and are getting into the spirit of this time of year, I begrudgingly avoid all things that sound like Christmas music and almost go out of my way to not get into the holiday windows along Michigan Ave. You've caught me: I'm one major scrooge.

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of the holidays. Let's just say my attention span for all things holiday related is considerably shorter than others. For this reason... I'm holding off for as long as I can.For the holidays this year, I've decided that I want to send really special cards to the people that make my life colorful, beautiful, exciting, and worthwhile.

I heard about this mini letterpress on Poppytalk today, and thought it holds the potential to create some really beautiful work.

1, 2, 3, 4

Saw some great cards in a few etsy shops.

And was inspired by these watercolor textures to break out the paints and create something a little more personal over the long Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Do a post on no-so-holiday holiday music. You may get more in the holiday mood without going over-the-top.

  2. i can't wait to take photos and make xmas cards outta them :) i'll send you one scrooge lol

  3. @Creds(afornia) I think not-so-holiday music is key. Too many bells jingling for too long puts me over the edge. I think Coltrane and Miles Davis do a few numbers together that I could def work with.

  4. @stanley once upon a time in high school, i first got exposed to developing and printing my own film. We were once given photo paper on thick card stock that had a postcard backing. So we literally develop postcards that were ready to be sent off.

    Imagine the possibilities of this nuance and a 16 year old mind haha.