Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DIY: A City Biker's Best Friend

We all know my love affair with biking these days. I'm trying to get all kinds of outdoor activities in while the weather still permits it. I like riding to appointments, coffee shops, the gym, and more, but I've had the worst luck in finding something that will carry the necessities like my keys, wallet, and of course some C.O. Bigelow.

For those of you with a bike with a cross bar on the frame, this DIY from The Evil Mad Scientist is a perfect little pouch that is customizable for your in-tow needs.

It was initially designed to be the size of a sandwich, but you can customize it a bit to fit an entire lunch, make a compartment for a water bottle, or whatever else you need for the day.

When I make mine, I will most likely create simple button straps in place of Velcro to make it more durable and I can use some use some buttons like these reminiscent of Marc Jacobs' Miss Marc or these sweet and polished looking numbers. Also, with some sleek but tough fabric, it will be ready to weather the elements in style.

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