Saturday, August 22, 2009

David Merritt for IMU

There has been a great deal of buzz lately over a brand that has yet to launch. Between the teaser videos on YouTube and all of the secrecy behind the hype, I decided to track down the man behind it all and learn a little more about I Miss You (IMU). David Merritt was gracious enough to chat a bit with The Style Social to talk about the label, the concept, and what has led up to the official launch on September 4th.


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[Tell us about I Miss You]
IMU's mission is to spread happiness while appreciating the people and experiences that make us who we are. Everything we do is geared towards reaching this mission. So in essence, IMU isn't just about the clothing. It's really a change in perspective and a challenge for everyone to pause and appreciate the people and places that make us all individually special.
[Cool name. Where did it come from?]
Have you ever had someone tell you that they Miss You? It makes you feel special, makes you feel valued. Every experience that a customer has with our brand, IMU wants to facilitate these feelings.

[What was up with the videos on YouTube?]
"The Get Ready" was fun! We started the vlog series to get people interested in the venture, but also to share the journey, value experiences, and a few laughs. Just so happens people liked it. I'm really grateful to everyone that tuned in and made the vlog series a success. "The Get Ready" received over 6,000 views combined on Youtube and Facebook in just 3 months.

[What inspired you to do all of this?]
I've always been inspired to make a difference: make some community better, make someone's life better. IMU's goal is to accomplish that exact mission.

[Michigan Basketball to fashion. A man of many talents; do tell.]
Fashion is an art, it's a form of expression. I couldn't think of a better way to spread the message of happiness while challenging people to make a difference than through clothing.

[Ok, so what about the goods?]
Quality. Very Quality.

[Are you sticking with tees or can we expect something different in the future?]
The IMU Brand will go where it's customer's take it. This is a brand about personal connections and taping into our customer's wants, needs, and desires. I have my own vision and ideas, but it will really be up to our community to decide our future endeavors.

[Your favorite look these days]
Wearing an IMU T-shirt.

[Words to live by... this week]
Go out and make someone happy.

[Upholding the strictest of silence about the brand itself, Merritt is sure to be a rising star in Social Entrepreneurship with IMU, Inc. Stay tuned, you won't want to miss any of what is to come.]

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