Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lucky's Daily

I don't know about you, but I have been pretty into following Lucky Magazine's "Cute Outfit of the Day" since it launch quite a while ago. They pick a different girl in the office every work day, and feature her on the site with all her sartorial joy. I like that they really try to mix up the looks and show the scope of what their girls are capable of in an office environment where anything [fashionable] goes.

With all that said, consider this my blogged complaint of the month:
Is it just me, or are the said Cute Outfits getting a bit sub-par lately? Example: Today. Sorry, Susan. I'm sure you are a fine, fine woman, friend, and Research Chief.

They work at Conde Nast. I'm thinking they can search high and low for something a bit more creative than jeans and a white tank. Just sayin'...

Now I must waste time reminiscing about cute outfits past. There's a little something for all types of looks:


  1. LOVE THE WHITE BACKGROUND! It is so much easier to read than black (which I know is popular on fashion blogs).

    And good point about the outfits. The blazer and skirt look is something I would love to do myself.

  2. Thanks for the face lift love. I'm still learning the ropes, so nice little changes here and there to come.

    I like how she spiced up the blazer a bit. Easy fall conversion. [Almost] makes me excited for the weather to cool down.