Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pocket Dress-Up

Kerchiefs and pocket squares: they're not just for the grandparents anymore. On a recent trip to Milan, one type of stylish detailing that really stood out to me on men and women alike was the versatile use of the handkerchief.

Whether impeccably refined is your thing or spunk
is your proverbial middle name, a handkerchief is a small detail that can make your look memorable.

Using a bandana, pocket square, or other handkerchief, there are limitless options to create a look for men as an alternative to ties, bowties, and general shirt monotony.

Color and texture can go a long way to create something new.

Agyness Deyn sports a kerchief with vintage rocker flair a la Johnny Depp & Amy Locane in Crybaby. Yes, I went there.

To soften this look, swap for a beautifully feminine print like a Pucci scarf and add an ultra femme skirt and flats for balance.

Of course we cannot forget the pocket square. Men, take note. There are literally hundreds of ways to fold, manipulate, and show off your creativity with the smallest of details. Brighter and contrasting colors are great for the summer months.

Is that a fish in your pocket? I thought so.

I love the idea of women and men alike carrying around beuatiful hankies (to be used for anything but the nose). It's a lot like when a girl gets a bigger bag and somehow finds new ways to fill the larger shoulder real estate. Simply by the virtue of having a beautiful handkerchief with you at all times, utility will soon follow.


  1. Hah, I like the comparison to the bag size. I agree, I always seem to find stuff to fill my larger totes. No matter what the scale.

  2. It's completely true! My day bags sometimes feel like luggage with all the goods sometimes. But when packing it in the morning, I swear up and down it's all necessary.

    Big bags: they are my vice.