Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Life]Style: Bicycles

When thinking about personal style, sometimes I overlook the everyday moments that contribute to it. Think the culture that comes from music, recreation, climate, utility, or even social concerns that shape our lifestyles.

One thing that strikes me as a recent cultural phenomenon is the resurgence of the bicycle. From business men to kids to the stay at home mom, the utility and utter style that a bicycle can provide is simply genius. Bikers and biking is a culture, really. So why not think of this not only as a new set of wheels, but as the ultimate accessory to your summer [life]style?

The vintage charm of this cruiser bike is sweet and contrasts well with delicate dresses on a summer afternoon.
Photo credit: The Sartorial

Becoming the staple item of
any good hipster and the trend chasers alike, the fixie bike is a city bike with attitude. Outfitted with a variety of colors, it is a casual way to ride to the cafe or across town to work.

Exceptionally practical, adding a basket to the front or back of the bike is perfect to carry heels for the office or veggies from the local farmers' market.
Weather beaten wicker baskets provide country charm to a city girl on the move.

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