Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snapback Bowties

We've carried the Herringbone Bowtie for quite some time now. In fact, its our most popular product to date. Remember seeing it here and here and a whole lot of other fine places?

Welp, it just got better.

I've been spending some time in the studio with some tools of the trade working on the design and function of some of our favorite products to make them even better.

We've included snap options on some of our heavier bows for a while now, which were all smaller snaps, hand sewn on individually. Truth be told, it was a bit pricey and we were having a hard time keeping up with orders of this product for a while.

"So what. They're snaps. What's the big deal" you ask?

Snapback Bowties only have to be tied (well) once, and you can just snap it off or loosen it up if you start to get totally ripped and do lots of neck exercises. You know, standard stuff like that.

Which makes it even more great for me to tell you guys that the Snapback Bowtie is now better than before. The new installation of snaps is installed instead of sewn, which is a lot more sturdy. Great for you guys that are rough on your accessories.

They are now a bit longer as well, so many people with larger necks, or ladies who want the wool ties as headbands, they are now all accommodating.

The best part, even with the improvements, we can still offer them for the low. #YesWeCan

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