Friday, November 11, 2011

How He Wore It: Vince

A few weeks ago, I made a quick but mighty trip to NY to get in a bit of work and play. While there, I spent a lot of time hanging in the East Village, and convinced a friend and supporter of The Co-Op to hang out in the sticky city heat (in a suit, on his day off) to shoot a spread.

Meet Vince. He's a Bronx native, and one of those New Yorkers that knows everything about the city, and feels a certain way when the word Westchester gets brought up in casual conversation.


We started snapping shots as he explained to me that the crazy silver rooftops are some weird Bloomberg initiative. The idea: silver doesn't absorb heat into the buildings like the black tar found on most roofs, thus keeping the buildings cooler.

Ok, sure.

From the new fall product lineup, he picked out the Dobby Corduroy tie in Olive ($50). With a well cut navy suit and chestnut colored brogues, it's got character, but conservative enough for his finance gig.

This is the part when we learn how one dance move translates to any Sean Paul song.

Oh, wave hi to Jess!

You can pick up an Olive Dobby tie on the site, and also now (woohoo!) at skate and lifestyle shop Seams in Long Beach, CA.

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