Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thistle Self Tie Two Sided Who?: Bow ties, simplifed

When developing one of one bow ties for clients, or even working people through our site for the first time, a lot of guys get hung up on the different shapes of bow ties. 

What do you mean? Isn't there just one type of bow tie?

Well, not really.

The 3 basic shapes of bow ties are as follows:

Thistle (butterfly) - The most common shape of bow ties. It has a rounded section before it gets slim, making it easy to tell where the bow should be tied. It yields a neat bow that's very prim and proper.

Diamond - It's essentially a thistle with a pointed tip. You tend to find a lot of vintage bow ties cut like this, and it really stands out as a self-tied bow because the point is in front on once side, and back on the other. Go ahead and be a show off.

Batwing - This can be identified by its straight blade and flat tip. When they are tied, they typically look a bit more casual than the contoured ties, and I would venture to say are the most fun to play around with in styling in new ways.

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