Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How (S)he Wore It: Defining Tabitha

A little over 6 months ago, I met Tabitha at a meet-up for the lady style blogger variety at a cute little nail salon here in Chicago. It was a fantastic mix of fashion and geekery; these women understood me.  Ever since, we've stayed in contact with our mutual love for technology, menswear, and the windiest city that we call home.

Her take on bow ties is positively unique.

The heat has been intense here lately, so she told me about how she has subscribed to the big bun; a sleek way to look put together with long locks. Once the style is secured, she used the Tokyo bow tie from The Co-Op to decorate the signature 'do.

 And she's a master at mixing high and low,  new and vintage; the balance dreams are made of.

When I first asked her to be a part of the photo series, she revealed to me that she secretly loves menswear and the spreads we do here with real guys with a penchant for personal style. I hear she keeps a Pinterest to match.

 Want to learn more about what defines Tabitha? Check out her site here.


  1. love the bow tie in the bun idea! totally taking that on

  2. Yay Tabitha looks adorable, I also really like the idea of using a bow tie as a hair adornment. I'm located in Chicago too, it's always lovely discovering more local bloggers. :)

  3. @sasha isn't that such a great idea! she was super inventive.

    @Leilani yay Chicago bloggers! just checked out your blog and I'm totally in love. I'm very into thrifting, so glad to have this part of my regular reads now :)

  4. YAY, Tabitha! T is one of my favorite blogger pals (I live and blog in Chicago, too) and yet her cuteness still tickles me every time I see her. The addition of the bow tie and the bun just seals it.

    Going now to drool over all your menswear awesomeness. :)